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Our firm represents businesses in collection of retail debts, such as medical  care providers, credit unions, banks, retail stores and others who offer goods or credit to consumers.  We can file suit for  you and use the courts to collect your account for you through judgments.


We represent businesses in collection of commercial debts, such as businesses providing services to other businesses.


We represent individuals in collection of debts owed to them.


We represent banks, credit unions or individuals in filing of foreclosures or replevin actions to recover property or real estate pledged by a mortgage.


We represent banks, credit unions, finance companies, or individuals in protecting their claims in bankruptcy filings of debtors.


We represent landlords in collection of rent or handling of evictions.


We are a member of the Illinois Creditors Bar Association.  We have over 40 years of experience in representing retail and commercial creditors and individuals in Central Illinois.



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